Gender After 50 Never Ever Seemed This Good

If perhaps you were an alien studying life on Earth by viewing all of our TV shows, you may suppose that ladies over 50 focus all of their pent-up love on kvetching over their particular kid girl’s small dresses and hoping to get their particular tubby husbands to lay off the poker chips. That impression vanished with a bang on Sunday evening — a hasty Oval Office bang. Awarded, Selina Meyer, president-almost-elect during the heart associated with the HBO comedy


, has usually subverted principal assumptions about 50-something ladies sex (and wholesomeness and matronly self-sacrifice) by screwing whomever, wherever, and each time she wishes. In previous times, she impulsively slept together ex-husband together with cellphone sex with another paramour, telling him, “i really want you to place your fist from the option and come right into my personal oval office.” And also this period she actually is been acquiring straight down with banker Charlie Baird Jr. (John Slattery), with no pretense of passionate interest. “i am peoples,” she describes. “I just occasionally need somewhat financial job power.”

But yesterday’s event featured the largest, grabbiest step of: Selina yells at her running partner, VP-almost-elect Tom James (Hugh Laurie), for screwing the woman (undermining the woman election initiatives) while obviously wanting to bang her. Obviously this is certainly Meyer’s type of spoken foreplay, because in the next scene, we discover Selina straddling Tom in her own very presidential blue dress.

This wouldn’t look therefore brazen if we’d viewed it prior to. Rather, for decades now, television development executives have led us to believe that feminine figures over 50 don’t have sex drives. Additionally they seldom have actually personalities, and cannot behave questionably without being addressed as villains. While male characters of any age are allowed the complete selection of real feeling and behavior, when feminine characters have acted bossy or imperious or ravenously naughty in the past, they were labeled tough Women or Predators, and ethical questions regarding their particular behavior became the main focus of whole program:

Nurse Jackie



are primary samples of this; every careless intimate work features consequences. Even bad Samantha from

Intercourse plus the City

, just who invested six times screwing douche bros and getting labels, ended up being colored as some kind of busted, emotionally detained robot girl inside the show’s final few episodes.

While Selina Meyer can obviously a damaged robot woman in a lot of areas, the woman extreme, unapologetic nastiness has long been a huge part of what made


this type of a transfixing tv series. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has established a fictional character which dares to be sensuous over 50 while also being as unlikable as a self-involved, narcissistic Jack Ebony sort or a hapless, idle Seth Rogen personality. Meyer is actually a shit-talking girl with zero empathy and zero fascination with something beyond by herself. When the woman girl speaks, she rolls the woman vision and walks down. When the woman crush asks her courteous questions, she desires to skip the chat and get straight to the intercourse part.

But Meyer’s very taxing character is actually treated as a characteristic, perhaps not a bug. The woman handlers seldom make an effort to change the lady and on occasion even scold this lady for apparent misbehavior. The overarching ethical associated with program just isn’t “This woman should correct by herself” a great deal as “keep in mind, we have now got male presidents which behaved that way no one batted a close look.”


tackled this dilemma at the end of the next period, when Selina, Gary, and Amy had been speaking about an agenda to see a manufacturing plant that makes defensive equipment for firefighters:


I do believe that is fantastic, ma’am. Many people really like firefighters. Everyone wants to have them safe.


Yeah, every person really wants to shag ‘em, also. God, I would granny loves to fuck a firefighter. Hey, I’m the president. I’m able to screw anyone Needs now, right?


The rest of the people have.

Meyer comes after her whims without effects. She desires intercourse with firefighters. (this woman is not by yourself in this need.) The idea that she might work on that dream makes the woman giddy with energy, and her handlers only shrug and accept that she’s going to carry out whatever she decides. Deciding on exactly what a crass, snarky tv show


is actually, it’s shocking that one of the joys of watching it’s simply witnessing a female in power that’s never apprehensive with the thought of having to utilize that energy. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is great at communicating the thrill that Meyer will get from performing whatever she wishes, whenever she wishes it, whether or not it involves advising ill laughs in exclusive, swearing up a storm, or screwing her very own VP.

Certainly the program would not feel quite since interesting if the culture at-large failed to have a tendency to address women over 50 like passionless fossils just who gladly exchanged in their sex drives for crocheting needles, or if we didn’t often examine earlier ladies who search gender to predatory animals, eager and ridiculous and constantly about hunt for more youthful victim. Its refreshing observe a somewhat older woman benefiting from without either asking for this or becoming scolded because of it after the reality.

That said, the problem of female figures on TV has shifted fast over the last several years, too. Women on TV can take what they want without apology recently, and they’re not at all times branded as villains or sluts for doing so, the way they had been just a couple in years past.



Wide City


Wild Ex-Girlfriend





, and

Orange Could Be The Brand New Dark

have actually accepted the female sexual drive without generating each activity a referendum on good behavior and/or sexual ethics. The content is clear: Females screw (also screw-up) the same as men carry out, and that doesn’t cause them to sluts or cunts or divas (though those tend to be words


truly is not afraid of).


never really tries to make Meyer look what good or all that lovable. The tv series’s authors you should not generate the girl buy performing exactly what she loves whenever she loves it, sometimes. In certain odd means, that feels like a step onward. She will be able to make blunders as big and awkward as any male president would, all without giggling or addressing her face in pity or sobbing into the woman fingers the way in which a ‘90s or ‘00s form of the same fictional character may have. Meyer is in the same way pompous and razor-sharp and brash as a person and she nevertheless might get chosen president. Let’s hope reality will some time be half as modern because the one on our very own television displays.